Prolonged labor is also known as post term or overdue pregnancy, a pregnancy is usually overdue when longer than 40 – 42 weeks the normal gestation period for women. According to research 5 out of 12 pregnancies usually result to prolong labor which most times are hereditary and in cases whereby a woman once had prolonged labor during her first childbirth there is a higher tendency that she will continue to have prolonged labor. An overdue pregnancy usually leave the expecting parents anxious and tired and also causes the expecting mother pains and lot of stress.

The major cause for prolonged labor is still unknown but a good number of factors can be responsible like over feeding, sleeping too much, not exercising, sleeping on your back instead of sideways, standing for a long time, unripe cervix, premature rupture of the membrane, taking too much birth control pills and many others. Prolonged labor usually increases chances for C-section because if the pregnancy stays for a long time it causes low oxygen level for the baby, uterine infection and abnormal health rhythm in the body.