Shola got injured by a nail on his feet while working in his farmhouse. It wasn’t really something serious, after all, a lot of people have been injured by a nail. He cleaned the wound with water and hydogen peroxide.

Few weeks after, Shola had fever, muscle spasm and stiffness of the neck. As usual, he went down to the chemist on his street to get Malaria pills, after all, nothing else can cause fever and all those symptoms other than malaria. Day after day, his health got worsened. He couldn’t eat, great difficulty in breathing yet he never wanted to visit the hospital. No one likes the way most nurses speak(another set of rude people).
Tope, who was Shola’s friend was fortunate to visit him, and saw Shola losing his consciousness already, so he drove him speedily down to the hospital. After the doctor examined him, he discovered Shola had tetanus infection. He went further to tell Shola to do a test in the lab to be sure it was tetanus. Like WTF! Tetanus infection?? ‘But I cleaned the wound with hydrogen peroxide immediately’ he muttered to himself.
Tetanus is a bacterial infection that can be found in the soil, dust, animal feaces et cetra. It enters the body through open wound and destroys the nerves.Shola condition got worsened by the day. He spent a lot of money as he took his journey through the road of recovery but later gave up the ghost. If he had gone to a pharmacy to get the Tetanus Vaccine(Tetanus Toxoid) which costs #100 only, he would have saved himself from tetanus infection and consequently dieing.Visit the Hospital or Primary Health Care centre to get your Tetanus Toxoid Vaccine. It is free in some hospitals and cost #100 in some.You don’t need to have a wound before you get a Tetanus Toxoid vaccine and make sure you get the complete 5 dose, else you may later blame yourself.
Get yourself Vaccinated against Tetanus