Magaji Dansale raped his seven months old stepchild in Katsina state, Nigeria, he drugged his wife so he could carry out the evil act in peace.Kingsley Philip was charged with assault for fingering his neighbor’s five year old daughter in Lagos state, Nigeria.Ochanya,11 years old, was raped by her uncle and cousin through her vagina and anus for years till she died.In the district of Sitapur in India, a father ‘gifted’ his fourteen years old daughter to his friends and they, her father included, gang raped her for 18 hours.There are many more rape stories but Google is your ever guest. Everyday people are raped, In fact rape in India occurs every 15 minutes but only few of the cases were reported and only few are behind bars. Why? The reason is because we have shamed the victims into silence.We hear ABC is raped in XYZ’s house, the first question we ask is not about how ABC is faring, or if the culprit was caught, it is what she was doing in XYZ’s house we ask about.Our daughters and siblings trust us enough to believe that we would help her get justice, so she reports her rape to us. What do we say? “When you wore a skirt this short to visit a guy, what did you expect? That he would pretend you’re not there? You tempted him! Now you’re here saying he raped you. You’ve gotten what you were looking for now, right?”. You tell that girl that her rape was her fault when you ask her why she was on the road that late, why she wore a bum short at night.When we say all these, what message are we passing across to the growing boys? That it’s okay to rape a lady only when she’s alone at night? That rape is okay when the lady is drunk? That it’s okay when she wears a short skirt or a revealing blouse?Do you blame the seven months old baby that was raped by her father in Katsina for her rape? was she wearing a revealing blouse? Maybe she didn’t wear panties and dangled her vagina in front of her father, what did she expect? Rapists have psychiatric problems! And they will be cured in Jail!! If they ever get out though.Rape is the fault of one person alone, the RAPIST!! Somebody’s daughter was just taken against her will, you don’t add to her pain by making her feel she deserved it. She didn’t.