Corona virus also known as COVID 19 has it’s major outbreak from Wuhan, China. The virus is not heat resistant and will be killed by a temperature of about 27 degree Celsius. The virus is large in size which has a diameter of 400 – 700 micro so a mask can prevent it from gaining access into the body.

The virus can stay on a metal surface for more than 10 hours, can live on fabric for more than 9 hours and on land for 12 mins. The virus is also airborne

1. COVID 19 will first infect the throat causing sore throat and may last for 4 days,
2. Then enters the lungs and trachea causing pneumonia leading to difficulties in breathing,
3.  High fever set in.

Sometimes the virus does not show any symptoms and some may take up to 14 days before any symptoms appears, therefore a way to check was made
Early in the morning take a deep breath and hold your breath for more than 10 secs. If you complete it without coughing, stiffness or discomfort you have no infection.

– Drink water regularly, the virus can stay in the throat.
– Avoid touching your nose and mouth with your hands
– Always sanitize your hands and wear nose masks in public.