Most times we find ourselves thinking a lot about things, maybe from an issue, experience or something you are been told that may be troubling which sometimes can cause breathing disorder, anxiety and overthinking. Also when we are angry, someone offends us, heartbreaks, a close person dies we do get troubled. It’s very normal to feel these things but below 5 ways we can get anything off the mind.


Taking long walks, going to the  gym to work out will not only keep you in good shape it will also help get whatever is troubling you out of your mind or can help you develop a better alternative or find answers to any issue you are thinking about, if it’s anger you are box it out.


Finding someone to confined in during though times ( you think a lot during this time) will help a lot. According to research, pouring out what is boring the mind has helped a lot of people overcome suicide thoughts, you can talk to your close friends or a therapist whenever you are troubled and in need of emotional advice.


Going on vacations, relocating to a new environment can help you take something off your mind. You will be able to find and make new friends, whenever an incident happens and you can’t find it easy letting it off your mind it’s advisable to change states to avoid seeing things that can get you moody or depressed.


Finding new hobbies, reading a new book, taking a new course, learn a new trade in general finding things that you can invest your time will hardly give you time to think about something disturbing you.


This practically works for me anytime am down or have something I want to get off my mind I just play a nice music and try to learn the lyrics or sing along if am familiar with the lyrics. Any time I try this method I was able to get things or issues I don’t want to think about off my mind which sometimes can lead to sleep and when am awake I get answers to whatever is bothering me.