How often do you examine your Genital?A lot of men pay little or no attention to their genitals in as much as it functions regularly.
Do you know?Examining your genital keep u intimately aware of how ur genital looks&feels nd identifying changes as dey happen so as to seek appropriate diagnostic tests sooner than later.

How to examine your Genital;
1)Make sure your genitals are relaxed. This keeps the tissues loose so that you can easily feel.
2)Lightly pinch the top of your scrotum to keep your testicles in place.
3)Gently move your fingers and thumb along the entire surface of each testicle. Feel for lumps or hard tissue.They can be as small as rice grains or as large as grapes. Don’t worry about that lump on the back of your testicle,that’s the epididymis.
4)Gently run your fingers along your penis shaft and head. Squeeze lightly to check for any lumps, firmness, or tender areas. If you have a foreskin, move it back to look and feel underneath there, too.
If you find something new or unexpected.See a doctor as soon as possible.
Examine your genital at least once a month,so u can notice changes and become more familiar with your genital area.
The more intimately you know your penis, scrotum, and testicles, the more sensitive you’ll become to slight changes that could be worth reporting to a doctor.