Breast feeding someone else’s child is also called wet nursing or cross-nursing, based on research about 12 to 15 percent of women experiencing disrupted lactation which result in not being able to produce enough breast milk to feed a baby. In recent times people infected with HIV/AIDs and other transmitted diseases don’t breast feed their kids in other to avoid infecting them so they sort for another way like baby infant formula which has its own risk like it increases the chances the baby will get sick. Most people don’t really know about the baby infant formula especially in some countries in Africa they result in feeding the baby pap, solid food, allowing a nanny or even given the baby to their mothers (mostly Grandma’s to feed) which is very bad. The dangers mostly associated are

1.The wet nursing mom may be infected with a contagious disease,
2.The baby may tend to love the wet nursing mom more than his/her own biological mom.
3.Wet nursing may have negative impact on siblings and the household.
4.The wet nursing mom may have milk ejection reflexes.
5.The child will not have the milk bonus ‘lactation’ which is a multivitamin.