One of the reasons why rape is so popular is because the society has placed sex as something of high value, the society has overhyped sex making it look like a big thing and something difficult to get that’s why a lot of guys will do anything thing to have it. But the truth is that sex nowadays is very easy to get, while you are planning of destroying a girls future why don’t you steal 1k and go to the brothel to enjoy yourself, why don’t you join hookup groups and tell the admin to hook you up, why don’t you go to clubs find a loose girl and take her home, why don’t you find a girlfriend, why don’t you tell your friends to connect you to an animashaun (someone who gives freely) popularly called oshofree, why do you derive joy in destroying other people’s life, guys your self esteem is worth more than any girl, karma is the realest and unforgiven b*itch, it could be your sister, cousin or mom, we need to do better.