Belly fat has been a controversial issue with people not working out and overweight people. In recent times women are more concern about the size of their belly than men because they want to fit into a nice cloth, look good in public or they don’t want their partners to feel good when they are around them. Most women with big belly are usually asked the question Are you pregnant? Which makes many women feel bad so they go around looking for means to reduce belly fat. Too much alcohol intake,
inability to exercise, too much food intake all accumulate as belly fats, in this article we will discuss 5 ways including exercises you can do indoors to reduce belly fat

1. EQUIPMENTS: You can buy exercising equipment like treadmill, weight lifters and many others to exercise when you are awake in the morning instead of going out to jog. Most people tends to deceive themselves with exercising at home, you often see people on treadmills exercising
and drinking soft drinks which will not help in any way.

2. DIETING: A lot of people do say dieting don’t work but the truth is that dieting works, cutting meals, junks, soft drinks, chocolates will help reduce belly fat also taking good meals in small quantity, vegetables will help a lot.

3. YOGA: Apart from yoga keeping you fit and clearing your mind it can help burn body fat. Therefore if you can’t get a yoga instructor a lot of classes are available on YouTube and also women loves yoga than men.

4. SIT UPS: Men engage in sit ups regularly to have packs. During my days in high school, we do a lot of sit ups very early in the morning which help reduce belly fat and help us look fit. Sit ups also help in strengthening abdominal muscles.

5. THE BICYCLE EXERCISE; the bicycle exercise can be done on a chair, the bicycle exercise help in strengthening abdominal muscles thereby reducing belly fat. The steps to take are very easy
1. Sit down on your bed or chair (don’t sit comfortable)
2. Raise up your 2 tights
3. Begin to cycle your legs like you are on a real bicycle
4. Cycle up to the count of 50 then give a 1min break and continue